Mar. 22nd, 2008


Mar. 22nd, 2008 11:06 pm
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So.... for twenty years he goes to a church whose minister preaches racial hatred and seperation, even calls the man a close friend and has him perform his wedding and baptise his children all the while claiming he never heard any of this controversial stuff... In fact, the most controversial theme Obama claims to have heard is the preachers sermons on infidelity.

And now it turns out that the private contractors who snooped in the passport files of Obama and, oh yes, even though it was barely mentioned, Hillary and John McCain as well, are from a company owned by an Obama supporter.

I really find it hard to trust this man... he is either an idiot or a liar

And Geraldine was right, if he were white he would not be where he is because the press would have been all over his lack of experience and his less than desirable associates and they would be grilling him over the pastor and Obama's claims not to have ever heard the pastor say these things.....

Look at the news web sites today - "Passport contractor exec is Obama supporter" tiny headline buried in between others just like the very few that acknowledged Hillary and McCain's files were also accessed, while the fact Obama's file was looked at was a huge "Breaking News" spotlight headline on all the news sites...

Hell, if the contractor was a McCain or Hillary supporter it would have garnered huge headlines as well...

Does anyone even remotely believe that if Hillary or John McCain attended for 20 years a church whose pastor preached against people of color that they would have gotten off as easy as Obama has? That if the man had also been the spiritual advisor for their campaigns that they would still be endorsed by their party? that if they still called the man " a close friend, almost family" that they would have a political career left??


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